"The Company"

Our Story

Co-Founder and CEO Au Soriano hailed from Bauang La Union, and grew up regularly travelling between Manila, Bulacan, Pangasinan and La Union taking provincial buses with her entire family. In early 2013, after 20+years in corporate telco, she moved on to fulfill her dream to be an entrep and looked around for a problem to solve.

While telecom industry has leapfrogged from telegram to Facebook, she realized that for the same 25+ year period, the provincial travel industry has remained the same. People still need to physically go to bus terminals to buy tickets and in most parts of the country where there is no bus terminals, people wait by the roadside as chance passengers – this, when they have a smartphone in their hands. It was mindboggling to realize that it was much easier to book a flight to New York than to book for a bus ride to a city just a few miles away.

Au was joined by husband Ruel, former colleague Sherwin Sowy and scuba diving friend Bogie Puzon, to create a feasible business plan for PinoyTravel and pitched at Ideaspace for funding. Separately, Maui Millan with a team of 6 from RideIn was vying for the same funding with a similar business concept. Instead of further competing, both teams decided to join forces. It was a perfect partnership completing all competencies needed to create, launch and sustain an online bus reservation business.

Our team is based in Makati City Philippines, but definitely plans to expand outside the country.

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